Overview on Niosome

  • Kapse Sanket YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011
  • Jadhav Prakash YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011
  • Redasani Vivekkumar YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011


Pharmaceutical such achemicals can be administered locally to sick locations using target-specific drug-delivery devices.Some of the carriers used in various drug delivery techniques includesynthetic polymers, serum proteins, and immune globulins, liposomes, and microspheres. Niosomes' vesicular system, which features a bilayer structure made possible by nonionic surfactants, has the capacity to extend the time that a medicine is accessible in a specific region .Capturing hydrophilic molecules in niosomes or lipophilic medicines is enhanced by their amphiphilic character. To keep the niosomes' structure rigid, additional chemicals like cholesterol can be added. The key features of niosomes, such as their structural components, production methods, limitations, and current applications to a range of the narrative review mentions disorders briefly.


Keywords: Niosome, Types of niosomes, Method of preparation of niosome, Route of administration,etc.


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Kapse Sanket, YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011

YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011

Jadhav Prakash, YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011

YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011

Redasani Vivekkumar, YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011

YSPM’s YTC Faculty of Pharmacy Wadhe , Satara-415011


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