Dendrimers: Potential Drug Carrier For Novel Drug Delivery System

  • Inder Kumar
  • Sunny Dhiman School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India
  • Priyankul Palia School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India
  • Pankaj Kumar School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India
  • Nishant Sharma School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India


Dendrimers are new effectiveness of polymeric substances. They are relatively branched, monodisperse macromolecules. Structural Advantages permit dendrimers to play a critical function inside the fields of nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medicinal chemistry. As a result in their precise behavior dendrimers are suitable for a wide variety of biomedical and commercial packages. The paper gives a quick evaluation of dendrimers’ physicochemical properties and their possible use in various regions of research, generation, and treatment.


Keywords: Dendrimer, PAMAM (Poly Amido Amine) Dendrimer, PAMAMOS (Poly Amidoamine Organosilicon) Dendrimers, PPI (Poly Propylene Imine) Dendrimer


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Author Biographies

Inder Kumar

Kumar I, Dhiman S, Palia P, Kumar P, Sharma N, Dendrimers: Potential Drug Carrier For Novel Drug Delivery System

Sunny Dhiman, School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India

School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India

Priyankul Palia, School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India

School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India

Pankaj Kumar, School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India

School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India

Nishant Sharma, School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India

School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University Chailchowk, Mandi, HP, India


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