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1.Possible Therapeutic Potential of Statin Independent of Lipid-Lowering Activity

Jyoti Bajaad , Onkar Bedi ,Neha Soni, Krishna Reddy V. Bijjem*

Department of Parmacology, ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga, Panjab

2.A Review on Free Radicals, Root Cause of Diseases

Yashwant Nagar*, Neeraj Jain, Mahaveer Kabra, Sanjay singh

Department of Pharmacology, Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota, Rajasthan, India.

3.Legislation (India Trademark Law)


Department of Pharmacology, M.D.U. Rohtak, Haryana


4. A Review on Natural Polymer

 Akanksha Gupta * Natasha Sharma , M.P.Khinchi, Dilip Agrawal

 Department of Pharmaceutics, Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota, Rajasthan.


The Marines Resources: An Alternate to the Aids Treatment 

Amit Lather*, Harsh Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Tanuj Hooda, RC Khatri

 Faculty of Pharmacy, Vaish Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Rohtak, Haryana, India

6.An Review On Natural Polymers Approaches To Floating Drug Delivery System

 Paresh Mohan*, Saurabh Doshi, M.P. Khinchi, Natasha Sharma, Dilip Agrawal.

 Department of Pharmaceutics , Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota, Rajasthan.

7.Liposomes: A Novel Drug Delivery System

 Sharma A., Rathor P. , Bhandari S.S. , Kabra M.P. 

Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya , Takshashila Campus, Khandwa Road,  Indore- India

8.Approaches To Development Of Solid- Self Micron Emulsifying Drug Delivery System: Formulation Techniques And Dosage Forms – A Review 
 Shobhit Sharma*, M.P. Khinchi, Natasha Sharma, Dilip Agrawal, M.K. Gupta

Department of Pharmaceutics, Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota Rajasthan


Optimization of Formulation of Insulin Microspheres for Oral Delivery

 Sanjay R. Patel*, Vipul  P. Patel

 Department of Pharmaceutics, Bhagwant University, Sikar Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.


Method Development and Validation of A Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC Method For Analysis Of Meloxicam Using Dad Detector

Adil F. Wali, Mubashir H. Masoodi*, Mohd. Akbar, Ahlam Mushtaq

 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, J&K, India

3.Effect of High Doses of Rosuvastatin In Mia-Induced Osteoarthritis
 Jyoti Bajaad, Rajvinder Kaur, Krishna Reddy V. Bijjem*

 Department of pharmacology, ISF college of pharmacy, Moga, Panjab

4.Design and Development of Chronopharmaceutical Drug Delivery of Lansoprazole 
 M. Sandeep*, V. Sai Kishore, B. Sudheer, S. Ershad, K. Adithya.  D.S Phanil kumar.

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India.

5.Toxicological Study of Mercurials with Special Reference to Samagandha Kajjali

Lagad Chatragun*, Mote Dnyaneshwar, Apte K

Department of Rasashastra, Government Ayurved College, Nanded, M. S. India

6.Simultaneous Estimation of Sparfloxacin and Dexamethasone in Bulk and In Their Combined Dosage Form by HPLC Method

Kirangi B.Desai*, Mayur A Patel, Prasanna K. Pradhan , SudhasatyaDey,  Umesh M Upadhyay

Department of Quality Assurance,Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Bakrol, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

7. Evaluation of the Effect of Achyranthes Aspera Linn.  (Amaranthaceae) In Experimentally Induced Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Rats.

Pratik kumar A. Bhatt*, Tejal R Gandhi, Praful Patel, Eeknath G. Patel, Upama N. Trivedi

 I.K. Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Himatnagar, Gujarat, India.

8.HPLC-Dad Estimation of Undeclared Synthetic Compounds In Selected Indian Herbal Formulations

 Munish Garg*, Monika Hooda

 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, M. D. U. Rohtak, Haryana- India

9.Therotical Perspective of Baba Ramdevji’s Aryuvedic Formulation As Substitute For (Soft Drinks)

Ishan Dhulia*, Dr. Luv Kush

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences & Research,
Balawala, Dehradun- (Uttarakhand), India

10.Activity of Synthesis and Anticonvulsant Some Substituted Azetidinone Derivatives 
Osman Ahmed*, Pankaj Sharma, Jaya Sharma
 Research Scholar, Pacific University, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

11. A Review On Penetration Enhancer For Semisolids

 Abhijit Sonje*, Rahul Thube, Vishal Parmar, Gini Kumari, Prajakta Deshpande

 Pharmaceutics, Allana College of Pharmacy, Pune, Maharashtra.

12.Formulation and Charecterisation of Colon Targeted Time Dependent Microspheres of Capecitabine for Colorectal Cancer

Dilip Agrawal, M.S. Ranawat

Department of Pharmaceutics, B.N.College of pharmacy, Udaipur, India