Anti-Covid-19 Phytochemicals

  • Rajendra Singh Pawar SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India
  • Mayank Dimri SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India
  • Alok Maithani SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India
  • Luv Kush SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India


The Phytochemicals are the future phytomedicine for Covid-19 virus, therefore their antiviral affinity was differently viewed.


Keywords: Phytochemical, Covid-19, IC50, Binding affinity, Structural resemblance.


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Author Biographies

Rajendra Singh Pawar, SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India

SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India

Mayank Dimri, SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India

SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India

Alok Maithani, SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India

SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India

Luv Kush, SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India

SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-248161 (Uttarakhand), India


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