Astrological Biochemistry of Vitamins

  • Mayank Dimri SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-Utttarakhand, India
  • Luv Kush SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-Utttarakhand, India


Vitamins are organic compounds and an integral part of the balanced diet. Biochemically they function as coenzymes. The vitamins belong to the zodiacal sign Virgo in astrological parlance. They complement medicine by the application of astrological knowledge for the eradication of aliments.


Keywords: Vitamins, Astrology, Deficiency, Coenzyme, Balance diet, Aliments.


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Author Biographies

Mayank Dimri, SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-Utttarakhand, India

SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-Utttarakhand, India

Luv Kush, SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-Utttarakhand, India

SBS University Balawala, Dehradun-Utttarakhand, India


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